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At CookCook Co., our mission is to enhance the way people interact with food by providing innovative recipe management technology. Our commitment to advancing the foodtech industry through the use of advanced computing, Artificial Intelligence, white-labeling services, and other cutting-edge technologies is at the heart of everything we do.

We are dedicated to empowering home cooks, professional chefs, and content creators to unlock the full potential of their recipes, and to make cooking and meal planning more enjoyable and efficient for all.

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Meet CookBook Co.

Co-Founder & Software engineer

Ralph is the core software engineer whose talent, innovation and expertise are at the core of all our business activities. His contributions to innovative underlying frameworks of all our systems has been essential to our success.

When not coding, Ralph enjoys surfing, good food, and spending time with his furry companion Jax.

Co-Founder & business operations

Sammy is a multi-talented professional who oversees all aspects of CookBook Co.'s day-to-day operations, including customer support, design and planning, client management, finances, marketing, and social media.

Outside the office, Sammy enjoys spending time hiking, reading, and playing PS5, or you will find her at the beach with Jax, who is never far from her side.

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