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Your digital Sous-Chef at your service

Strengthen your business functions with a digital kitchen assistant that puts your recipes at the fingertips of your team or clients, anywhere, anytime.

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Key features

Why Recipe Copilot?

Recipe Copilot simplifies recipe sharing for any industry, ensuring your team or clients stay updated with your latest recipe content. With Recipe Copilot, you ensure consistency and alignment, keeping everyone on the same page with the latest recipes and modifications. Ditch the outdated cards and long email chains; welcome an organised system that puts all your recipes at their fingertips.


Ideal for a variety of industries such as commercial kitchens,  trainers, health coaches,  hospitals, schools and more!


Upload your business logo and choose matching colours. Ensuring a professional presentation to your users.


Share the latest recipes and versions with your team and clients instantly in an easy-to-follow format.


Manage your recipes and control user access with an intuitive, user-friendly management portal.

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chefs, cooks & catering

For Commercial Kitchens

In a fast-paced, high-volume commercial kitchen, it's crucial to keep your team updated with the latest recipe versions. Recipe Copilot enables you to maintain consistency across all your dishes, providing a powerful kitchen utility packed with features.

Harmonise your Kitchen

Ensure every dish, from appetisers to desserts, meets your high standards, irrespective of who's cooking.

Centralised Recipe Repository

A dynamic, digitised recipe hub, reducing clutter, waste, and time spent searching for instructions.

Nutritionist, health coach & trainers

For Fitness & Wellness Professionals

Empower your clients with tailored meal plans and recipes. Turning nutrition advice into actionable, accessible nutritious recipes.

Empower Your Clients' Health Goals

Add value to your brand and provide your clients with easy access to approved, health-conscious recipes tailored to support their wellness objectives.

Centralise Your Creations

Keep all your custom-created, nutritious recipes in one easily accessible place, streamlining your meal planning process and enhancing your service delivery.

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hospitals & care homes

for healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities require strict dietary control for patients. With Recipe Copilot, ensure the dietary needs of your patients are met with precision.

Dietary Accuracy

Leverage Recipe Copilot's tagging system to organise meals based on dietary requirements, ensuring every patient's unique nutritional needs are met with ease

Guarantee Meal Consistency

Keep your entire staff on the same page. Update and distribute recipes instantly across your team to maintain consistent, quality meals for all patients.

nurseries, schools & universities

For Educational Hubs

Keep students, staff, and parents informed about the meals you're providing with Recipe Copilot. This tool is perfect for managing school canteens, university cafeterias, and food tech classes!

Streamline Recipe Cards

Effortlessly manage your recipe database, streamlining meal preparation and cooking in cafeterias, canteens, and kitchens.

Bring Innovation to Food Technology Classes

Store, manage, and share countless recipes, making the process of teaching and learning about food more streamlined and engaging.

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in development

coming soon

cooking in progress

Recipe Copilot is currently in development. Hang tight as we make and bake this epic tool!

send your expression of interest through!

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How it works

Creating your white-labelled App

Sign up

Choose the ideal pricing plan, crafted to accommodate your specific number of users, and step into your personalised workspace.

Set up

Craft your unique workspace, invite your users, and begin uploading your recipes using our user-friendly content management portal.

Start Cooking

Dive into the extensive capabilities of Recipe Copilot, designed to streamline your operations and make managing your recipes a breeze.

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